Hagedorn Foundation Gallery, Atlanta / January 9 – March 12, 2014  

Photographs by F.C. Gundlach, Ethan Levitas, Yijun (Pixy) Liao

Curated by Elisabeth Biondi 

The Hagedorn Foundation Gallery is pleased to present THREE, a selection of works from F.C. Gundlach (b. 1926), Ethan Levitas (b. 1971) and Yijun (Pixy) Liao (b. 1979). Each photographer reveals a generational perspective on female appearance and identity. Organized by Elisabeth Biondi – curator, critic and former Visuals Editor of The New Yorker – the underlying theme of this exhibition focuses on the dissimilarities among artworks that are based on similar subject matter.

Ms. Biondi’s interest in the individual artist’s approach to a common subject emerged over her tenure as director of visuals and photography at various landmark lens-oriented publications – American Geo, Vanity Fair, Stern (Germany) and The New Yorker - for many of which, her work created the visual identity. She states, “A photograph, much like a musical composition, reflects its creator in a multitude of ways – personality, character, age, culture, talent, place in history – features of the artist’s vision that together imprint themselves on the image to create a unique impression. I have always been fascinated by the many different ways photographers express their artistic vision. Rather than focusing on what connects these three artists –originality, perfection, making a strong personal statement – I focus on their differences.”

Biondi’s vast experiences in photography provides the exhibition with an enriching approach to this art form. 


Above: Maiko Study #4 – Ethan Levitas, 2007