THE POINT’s Art Container Campus for the Arts and the Environment, Bronx, NY / May 17 - April 19, 2014

Photographs by Martine Fougeron

Curated by Elisabeth Biondi

THE POINT is proud to announce the opening of the newly refurbished Art Container with the exhibition HEART OF THE SOUTH BRONX: TRADES photographed by Martine Fougeron, curated by Elisabeth Biondi. THE POINT will present 42 color photographs and will be the first to exhibit an entire photographic project of the South Bronx industrial neighborhoods ­– Hunts Point and Port Morris. As Carey Clark, Visuals Arts Director at THE POINT and this project’s producer notes: “It is no surpise that Martine, as an artist, has been drawn to this subject and this landscape. Artists have a tradition of settling in such places and it seems simple enough that they would be happiest in places where things are being made. And it is also no surprise that Martine’s vision has flourished in her surroundings and that, as all good art does, has transformed them.” Fougeron’s series began in 2011 soon after she moved to the south Bronx. She created portraits of workers, interiors, machines, processes, and products of these diverse industries. On the one hand, she focuses on century-old industrial steel production, scrap metal recycling and scaffoldings. On the other hand, she portrays artisanal family trades like baking, printing and hand-made bedding. She also includes recent activities near the Hunt’s Point Food Market – custom prepping fish, crafting wooden boats and creating green roof tops.


Above: THE POINT’s Campus for the Arts and Entertainment, 2013

Below left: Valencia Bakery, Decorator Nancy Reyes, 2012.