FARIDA :  A Syrian Tale

Museu da Imagem, São Paulo, Brazil

Photographs by Mauricio Lima

Curated by Elisabeth Biondi

As of now, know more than 5 million refugees have left Syria. I also know that, no matter how more extraordinarily dangerous an escape from Syria’s tragic civil war might be, it will not stop people from embarking on increasingly perilous journeys. The fact, that no degree of deprivation--incredible hardship, the loss of home and country, possible incarceration, or worst, death--will stop the exodus; and this tells us that leaving is rarely ever a choice. Their suffering is a cry for understanding and perhaps help.

When I look at some of Mauricio Lima’s photographs I feel pain, and my heart goes out to those suffering. His pictures touch my heart and I feel compassion. But, instead of despairing, I marvel at human resilience and I feel, perhaps irrationally, the human spirit triumphs. Mauricio’s photographs reflect his convictions. He believes in human dignity, compassion, and resilience.